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Do you guys now some Celebrity Blogs? or multifandom Blogs? I really want to follow them on my Celeb-Blog.

Just message me and will follow the blog 100% on my celeb-blog

06.25.2012 /

put a celebrity,word,statement in my ask box and i’ll reply with a gif :)

I’ll rate your blog if your are off anon

06.03.2012 /

Send me a celebrity name and i’ll rate your blog and tell you what i think of them

( not just One Direction members )


ugly / alright / cute / adorable / hot / sexy / asdfghjkl 


ok / alright / nice / really cool / awesome / perfect / asdfghjkl

Pleaso do it, i’ll love you forever

04.09.2012 / +3

put a celebrity in my ask box and i’ll reply with a gif :)

03.17.2012 / +4